Thursday, January 17, 2008

Like Linus

The above photo shows one of Truman's nightly rituals, "chewing" on one of his many soft blankets. He's done this since he was a puppy, and continues to do this almost every evening, usually when he gets drowsy or just before we all go to bed. He'll settle himself onto his nearest blanket (this red one is a fave), gather as much material between his front paws, and clamp down on it, gnawing and "kneading" with his paws. He's completely blissed out, eyes closed and muffled sighs between all the gnawing and kneading. The blanket is like a giant, plush pacifier. I like to think of it as meditation for the little guy, a way to wind down after a stressful day of sleeping, baying, and eating. It actually may be a way of him reverting back to puppyhood, imitating the ritual of when he was still nursing. Either way, it's darn cute to watch. Inevitably, any new blanket that's draped across the sofa or bed is quickly claimed as Truman's property, so one disadvantage is that the really nice blankets must be stored away or kept out of reach. Fortunately, blankets like the one above are fairly inexpensive, soft and warm, surprisingly sturdy, and available in a multitude of colors at Bed, Bath & Beyond. My little guy is happy, and my nice Pottery Barn throw stays intact. Maybe someday I can bring it down from the closet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Have You Hugged Your Beagle Today?

This is the framed photo I'm looking at on my desk right now, and I wish I was home, snuggled up on the sofa with my little man, while the drizzly, dreary world goes on outside. At least I know he's snuggled up in his warm crate, burrowed underneath his favorite Jayhawk blanket. See you when I get home, peanut!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to Truman's blog!

It's a new year, and in the spirit of trying new things, I've decided to start a blog dedicated to my beagle, Truman. A miniscule achievement, maybe, but I am new to the blogging world. (I know, I know, it's 2008, who doesn't have a blog?) Special thanks to Jackie of SnoutBeagle for helping me take the steps to get started. Those of you who love beagles or just dogs in general should definitely check out her blog dedicated to her beagles, Diesel and Marvin. She really captures the great spirit and playfulness of this wonderful breed, and her blog inspired me to start my own. Thanks, Jackie!

I'll start with a little background on Truman. My husband, John, (then my boyfriend at the time) and I first met Truman on October 2, 2004, a day after my 28th birthday. As I held the 8-week-old pup in my arms, I was in love. He was dubbed Tracker by his breeders, since their young daughters had taken a liking to him. We took him home that day, and by the evening he was officially named Truman. And he's had our hearts ever since.


The wee one, the day we brought him home. His head seemed almost too big for his little body!

Truman Window

Our beagle boy today. What a handsome boy!