Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dinnertime Woes

My first video post! When John and I eat dinner, it is almost always a challenge for Truman to stay seated and not jump on the table to get to our plates. If he cannot stay quiet and still, or the moment he jumps up while we're eating, we immediately crate him until we're finished. That's when the drama begins. From the forceful baying and plaintive wails that come from that crate, you'd think we had him in a torture chamber. Tonight we had chicken, one of Truman's favorites, so of course he was quickly in the crate before we'd had a single bite. We finally got a video of the injustice of it all, from his perspective. You can see that all the effort he puts into it wears him out so much he yawns toward the end. This dog has a one-track mind, and it's all about food!

P.S. The "Beware of Dog" sign is a joke, something we found at the hardware store and couldn't resist. Truman is a lover, not a fighter.



HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY TRUMAN!! your birthday plans sound greeeat. We have to admit you take the cake on the pitiful, woe is me, beagle wanting to join in the fun at the dinner table. We beagles are mostly all about food. Mum and Dad usually eat at a very low table and sometimes if we can't sit nicely and wait for tidbits we also get crated!
Anyway Truman its good to see you back. We have continually been checking in on you but kept seeing your pondering face.

snoutbeagle said...

Love the video!

Gotta love the beagle bay and Truman has it down to an art. How cute! And then the pathetic little whimpers following ... that is Marvin's forte too.

So happy to see you back!