Monday, August 4, 2008

A Long Hiatus

So there's been more than four months since I've written anything on Truman's blog. I'm a lazy beagle mommy, I know. I have no excuses, I just haven't been keeping it updated like I should. I can't make any promises, but I'm going to try and post more often. Starting with ... Truman's birthday! Our little man turns four this Friday. We will celebrate with doggie cake, some surprise treats, then we'll all settle in on the sofa and watch the Olympics opening ceremonies. Truman also has another birthday surprise in that we ordered him his first really nice dog bed. It won't be here in time for his actual birthday, but hopefully he enjoys it when it comes in. I will follow up with birthday pictures and when the bed gets in. Everyone stay cool this weekend, and keep your pups inside with plenty of cold water!

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snoutbeagle said...

Today is Friday ... Truman's birthday! Happy birthday cute boy! Enjoy your evening snuggling with your people watching the opening ceremonies. That's exactly what we'll be doing too.

Diesel, Marvin, and dog mum